Bar Association

The Chickasaw Bar Association was established in 2003 with the first 25 members being Charter Members of the Bar Association. Currently there are close to 600 members of the Chickasaw Bar Association.

To become a member of the Chickasaw Bar Association, an attorney must fill out the Bar Application and complete the Oath in the presence of a Clerk, Judge, or Justice of the Chickasaw Nation. Only licensed attorneys in good standing with their state bar are allowed to join the Chickasaw Nation Bar. Only Chickasaw Bar Association members are allowed to practice before the Chickasaw Nation Courts and Commissions.

The Chickasaw Nation Bar Association has been an important part in the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education that is mandated by most State Bar Associations. The Chickasaw Nation Bar Association offers bi-annual Legal Education Seminars throughout the Chickasaw Nation for members as well as non-members, with notable speakers and presentations.

Any questions about the Chickasaw Bar Association can be addressed by calling 580-235-0279 or by email at